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Your Shopping Experience

Congratulations, you're engaged! Chances are, you've never shopped for a wedding dress before. It might be a bit different to a usual shopping trip - there's a lot more to it than popping into a shop, picking out a dress and taking it home! Here's our handy guide to talk you through the process, and we'll be here to support you every step of the way!


What happens on your first visit...


Get to know you

We'll have a chat about you, your vision, your wedding ideas and learn a bit more about your style. This will give us an insight into what we might think will suit you and your day. All weddings are different so what might work for a relaxed festival wedding won't work for a grand country house!


Time to Browse

Explore the dresses and select your choice of styles ready for trying on!


Time to Try

Now comes the fun part... trying on! We'll help you into the dresses and give you a vision of how the dress could look. As all of our dresses are made to order from the designers, the dresses we have in the shop are samples, so we'll pin or clip the dress to give you the best possible idea of how your actual dress would look when it fits.



Once we get to know your style a bit better, we'll also present you with a couple of 'wild cards' that we think you might like!

Types of Appointments

Everyone shops differently so we have decided to offer two types of apointment.


Short & Sweet

A short appointment of only an hour, with no frills to come and see the dresses we have to offer and try on a few. This is a perfect appointment if you have a very clear vision of the kind of dress you are looking for. If it is your very first appointment, we do find our 2 hour appointments are more relaxed.

  • 1 hour

  • No refreshments

  • Free of Charge

  • Try a maximum of 5 dresses

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The Courtyard Experience

The Courtyard Experience a full 2 hour appointment with bubbles, perfect to celebrate finding your dress!


  • £25 - Deductible against the purchase of your dress

  • Can be booked as a revisit or a first visit.

  • 2 Hours

  • Bride and up to 4 guests

  • A "Yes to the Dress" gift for the bride, when you buy your dress

  • Selection of beverages including bubbles!

  • Try on a maximum of 10 dresses.

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Other Appointments

If you are one of our Courtyard Brides Contact us directly to book the following appointments.

  • ​Fitting/alterations Appointments 

  • Accessory Appointments 

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